UCM a Leader in Cancer Care, Discovery
At the University of Chicago Medicine, cancer clinicians and scientists are committed to solving the toughest problems in cancer science and to providing the best possible care for advanced, complex disease.

Our researchers developed the first chemotherapy, discovered hormonal treatments for prostate cancer, proved that cancer is a genetic disease, and pioneered computer-assisted detection in mammography.

Today, laboratory scientists and physicians at the University of Chicago combine their expertise to build on that rich legacy of seminal discoveries. Interdisciplinary research teams are attacking cancer at all levels, from the nanoscale world of molecular pathways inside cells to clinical trials and global population studies.

The University of Chicago Medicine’s clinical teams have access to the best diagnostic and treatment technologies in the world, as well as promising new cancer medicines available through all three phases of clinical trials. More importantly, they have the expertise to choose, in concert with their patients, the best possible course of care for each individual case.